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Theseus: Journey to Athens Review

Theseus: Journey to Athens is an app developed by Antiquity Studio. Theseus: Journey to Athens was first published on . It is currently available on the following platforms: Steam, Other.

Theseus: Journey to Athens is an independently developed Adventure/RPG game set in Ancient Greece. The story is faithful to the ancient source material, and the art and music is uniquely crafted for the classical theme. Gameplay consists of exploring the ancient world, speaking with mythological figures, and engaging in turn-based combat. If you are a fan of indie titles or old-school gaming, then this is for you.

Who is Theseus?

Theseus is an ancient hero who is perhaps most famous for slaying the minotaur. Long before he killed that beast, however, Theseus was just a fatherless boy growing up in the small town of Troezen. His grandfather was King Pittheus, but his mother Aethra was an unmarried lady. As a child, Theseus was told that his father was Poseidon. However, after reaching adulthood, his mother told him a very different story.

That is where the game begins: Aethra has just revealed to you that she has a secret message from your true father. Not only is he a foreign king, but he is without an heir and facing a deadly rebellion! The people who would seize power from your father are also eager to kill his possible children. Your life is therefore in danger – you must make your way to your father’s side, or else risk dying at the hands of your father’s enemies.

How does it play?

The game consists of three main gameplay mechanics:

Exploration: At the exploration level, the player travels throughout Greece and interacts with numerous historical and mythological characters. Invariably, the player will get caught up in their troubles and find himself engaged in deadly quests.

Choice & Consequence: When the player has become involved in a quest-line, the game switches styles. Detailed text and historical sketches are used to explain events to the player, who then decides how to respond. The choices the player makes will radically change the story. These choices have real consequences, and there are multiple different endings.

Turn-Based Combat: Ancient people were no stranger to violence, so combat is a very real possibility. The game will switch to a top-down, grid-based combat system, where the player and any allies will face off against a variety of opponents. Items may grant Theseus special abilities, and allies come with their own skills that may help secure victory.

Theseus: Journey to Athens combines these three distinct mechanics into one cohesive whole. The player ultimately has the power to define Theseus: is he a violent rogue who attacks anyone who gets in his way, or is he a silver-tongued diplomat who wins hearts and minds?

Perhaps the answer is in the middle – you will have to decide.

​Summary of Key Features:

- Lead the ancient hero Theseus as he seeks out his father. The story is heavily rooted in classical texts like Pausanias' Guide to Greece, Plutarch’s Life of Theseus, Apollodorus’ Bibliotheca​, ​and shorter works and fragments such as those of Bacchylides. ​

- Over 20 unique locations to explore. Explore multiple locations in the Peloponnesos, Megarid, and Attica. Each location is populated by a cast of historical and mythological characters.

- Classical-themed artwork created by Klaudia Jankowska

- Unique music composed by Michael Landers.

The ancient sources tell many different tales about Theseus and his journey to Athens. Now, it is your turn to step into Theseus' sandals. What will you seek to achieve, and how will you conduct yourself as an ancient prince?

Theseus: Journey to Athens

4.2 / 5

Theseus: Journey to Athens Logo
Author: Antiquity Studio
Size: 500 MB available space

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