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SAVAGE: The Shard of Gosen Review

SAVAGE: The Shard of Gosen is an app by Planet Tobor. SAVAGE: The Shard of Gosen was first published on . It is accessible for Steam, Other.

Beaten. Bloody... hungry for revenge. Play as the Savage Barbarian whose life has been destroyed by agents of the rampaging Argeshii empire. Step into a new world full of danger, mystery, brutal combat and discovery! In the world of Lor, the sights of many have fallen on the lands of Gosen, a realm populated by sturdy folk and equally hazardous creatures. You will need wits, steel, and a good sword arm to survive!

At the end of the Age of Might, three titanic civilizations clashed where their lands converged - the Tower of God; a Monolith housing the essence of balance and a refuge for the One Guardian. Distrust, greed, and ultimately, the hubris of man led to the Fall of the Tower.

And so God left. With the Guardian and the Tower lost to time, a Great Wound was rent in the earth. Festering and emanating a miasma of madness, the creeping chaos has warped men's souls and twisted the fabric of reality over the following eons. Civilizations, cultures and kingdoms have risen and fallen.Enter the Age of the Beast. Mankind is bereft of sanity, reason and hope. Avatars of ancient gods take more monstrous and bestial forms. Argesia, the seat of the Argeshii empire, now a desperate wasteland, has transformed into a vast slave trade in an attempt to slow its collapse into irrelevance.

The brutal warlord, Aben Bael, seeks the throne of Argesia and the power to restore sanity to the world of Lor, to restore the Age of Might. His dark crusade has led him to the lands of Gosen - directly into the path of a young and savage warrior... It is the twilight of the world and the search for the Shard of Gosen has begun.

The combat in SAVAGE - The Shard of Gosen is fast, fluid, and tactical. Dodge and roll through enemy strikes - raise your shield over your head to protect yourself from a hail of arrows, use it to parry an incoming melee strike, or to bash an opponent in the face! Equip yourself with one of a dozen armor sets and weapons, spread across several weapon categories like daggers, axes, two handed swords and throwing weapons, to name a few.

All of your weapons and gear gain their own experience points through combat and can be leveled up, then mastered to unlock unique perks or permanent bonus stats! Use your gained Essence Points from leveling up on one of three primary stats: Might, Resolve, and Favor, which affect sub stats like item find rate, knockback resistance, and raw damage output with larger two-handed weapons!Be crafty and stun stomp enemies, hoist them above your head and toss them into other enemies, or onto a bed of spikes, creating a platform to traverse hazards safely!

The lands of Gosen are varied and numerous, from rolling hills, open plains, deep forests and frozen mountains. The sea is just as treacherous as Gosen's landlocked locations, and gives way to the Red Steppe, deserts and deadly swamps to the south. A combination of terrain, location, time of day and season will affect what challenges and characters you will encounter.

Gather crafting materials from corpses and natural resource nodes to use in upgrading your equipment, or forging new weapons, shields and armor. Refine materials and use ingredients to brew powerful potions through alchemy. Discovery of religious fetishes and carvings of ancient gods can aid in the forging process to grant bonuses!

  • Explore a world full of traps and puzzles, including an open 3D world map
  • Find and level up weapons, armor and shields which can be mastered to unlock permanent perks
  • Skin and shatter corpses, mine and chop down trees to gather valuable materials
  • Forge new equipment
  • Use cooking and alchemy to create consumables or new materials to aid in crafting equipment
  • Defeat bloodthirsty bosses and giant monsters
  • Engage in a satisfying positional and skill based combat system
  • Learn new abilities to help you traverse otherwise impassable obstacles
  • Seasons change, affecting the weather, while the day/night cycle reveals celestial bodies and moon phases, granting greater or lesser affinity to associated gods
  • Explore procedurally generated encounters on the world map based on environmental states (midnight, winter, a full moon with the sign of Magdragh in the sky might cause exciting scenarios to spawn on certain points on the world map!)

Should your will be of forged of steel, the lands of Gosen and beyond are yours for the taking - come and claim them!

SAVAGE: The Shard of Gosen

4 / 5

SAVAGE: The Shard of Gosen Logo
Author: Planet Tobor
Size: 500 MB available space

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