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Escape The Pacific Review

Escape The Pacific is an application created by Gamers4Gamers Team. Escape The Pacific was first published on . The app is available for Steam, Other.

In Story Mode play as a lonely adventurer in the most advanced and complex survival game to date.
Discover the cluster based endless world and face the most challenging latitude driven weather system taken from the real Pacific!
The totally customizable raft mechanism offers perfect freedom in designing and building your ideal water vehicle.
Master realistic sailing and navigate through the world using triangulation and a Sextant.
Experience the advanced dynamic fire and protect it from the wind and weather.
Immerse yourself into atmosphere of the early 1800's, search for clues and find a way back to civilization!


    • Procedural generated map - map generation is driven by a random seed number given by the player
    • Endless or ~5500 x 5500km (3500 x 3500 miles) map in story mode
    • Clusters with bigger distances between them - players can spend days on the open ocean traveling between island clusters.
      Players must be in possession of:
      - enough food and water
      - sailing knowledge (based on wind direction)

    Navigation and Cartography

    • Compass - Used for navigating between local islands. For local map making
    • Triangulation - Used mainly for mapping the islands in the actual cluster

    Weather and Seasons

    • Real Pacific islands weather data is used in our weather engine
    • 27 different modifications for weather engine - players can choose between different weather models:
      Normal (default), hot, cold, wet, dry, windy, calm modifiers. Every weather scenario results in a totally different gameplay. Imagine a calm scenario making sailing difficult whereas a scenario with lots of storms and high humidity makes managing fires a real challenge.
    • Latitude based weather and season - the actual weather is depending not only on the actual day of the year but also from the players actual latitude. Don't like the winter season in the northern zones? Simply travel to the south for a warm summer breeze.
    • Complex temperature system (sun, shadow, wind, rain …) - Player can experience the temperature as in real life: Hide from the direct sun among the shades. Know to use the direct sun and the wind to speed up drying when you and clothes got wet. And when it's cold and windy without protection you'll feel the breeze of the freeze.

    Fire and Rain

    • Dynamic - the fire engine reacts to the environment and to the used burnable material:
      - Wind - Wind ensures a quick burning fire process but can also make igniting a fire place much more difficult. In some cases you need to protect your fire places from the wind.
      - Rain - Rain makes the used resources wet and affects stability and intensity of fire places. If fires are not placed under a roof or trees those will go out over time because of the rain.
      - Moisture - Reliable fires depend on the 'wet property' of added resources. All burnable resources can get wet due to rain events or when those were found in the ocean. Of course, damp resources dry up fast in the sun or in a windy environment.

    Building and Crafting

    • Blueprints - Craft and build in 3 simple steps:
      - Place the blueprint of your desired object
      - Insert the required resources you see in the placed blueprint
      - Finalize your project - Some building projects require a certain amount of hits with a finishing tool


    • Realistic sailing mechanic - Traveling by raft is an act of art! You will need wind, an intact sail, a rudder - and knowledge.
    • Sail - Gets the raft moving. How high up sails are hoisted and how they are oriented compared to wind direction all takes into account how the wind force eventually affects your rafts moving capabilities. In heavy storms you want to take your sails in or those will be torn apart or blown away. With many different sail types available also different sailing behaviour is to be expected.
    • Rudder - Steer your raft in an old fashioned way


    • Modular rafts - Rafts can be modified and dismantled any time. Their components can be reused then again to build a better, faster, heavier water vehicle
    • Building on rafts - Build your own shelters on rafts or convert a plain raft to a houseboat (used also by native people or indians at those times). When traveling long distances it is essential to have a shelter on the raft to protect the player from direct sun, rain, wind, ...


    • Realistic sun, moon and celestial bodies movement based on latitude and the season - Can you spot a total eclipse of the Sun or Moon? (Achievement)
    • Different difficulty levels: easy, normal, hard (realistic)
    • Different time flow constants (how much real time is 1 day ingame): 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours and - for hardcore players - 4 hours
    • Complex player statistics and experience system - Every value is dynamically developing over time to level up after all. Choose which statistic you want to spend level up points for.
    • Tiredness and 'need for sleep'

    What is planned for implementation:

    Sextant - Used for navigating between island clusters or for finding interesting spots on the world map. For global map making
    Story driven or sandbox survival
    • Material aging
    • Building repair
    • Building degradation by weather
    • Different island biomes: rocky, mixed, “green”, maybe forest
    • Fauna and flora dependant on actual latitude
    • Realistic tides based on moon movement
    • Tsunamis, typhoons and wide variety of atmospheric and oceanographic weather elements
    Illnesses and craftable cure system
    • Achievement system
    • Refined UI
    • 2 player coop mode
    • Third-Person game mode
    • VR support

    Escape The Pacific

    3 / 5

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    Author: Gamers4Gamers Team
    Size: 4 GB available space

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