Montreal Local Moving Services for Best Price

Call now and see our exceptional offers of the day in the section of local moving services. Our company specializes in local moving in Montreal and surroundings, Laval, North Shore and South Shore. Our core commitment is to ensure the most adequate approach in a personalized manner, as Montreal area has specific characteristics making these particular services different from all other regions.

Montreal and surroundings local moving represents a vast array of specifics. We are equipped and well trained to perform all kinds of local moving related services, like:

Deliveries Services Montreal

-          deliveries of heavy items, like pianos, billiard, pool tables, snooker etc, works of art;

-          deliveries resulted from successful internet based sales or purchases;

-          as well as deliveries based on the specific seasonal needs of clients, like the storing or recuperating from the storage the tires for seasonal tire changes, winter sports large equipment, summer large equipment, gazebos etc;

-          deliveries in commercial or entertainment areas;

Assembly or disassembly furniture Montreal

-          assembly or disassembly of heavy items like billiard, pool tables, snooker etc, works of art;

-          assembly or disassembly of active sports equipment;

-          assembly or disassembly of simple, IKEA type furniture, or complex furniture, like wall beds;

-          installation of household appliances, like fridges (ex: change of door side, installing water provision in certain more advanced fridges etc), like dish washers, like washers and driers etc;

-          assembly and disassembly of wall shelves and furniture;

Residential moving services in Montreal

Residential moving is one of our top services. It includes the following elements:

-          Planning in a personalized manner;

-          Estimating the general and particular costs;

-          Prior Risk assessment and potential situations that may influence the initial estimation;

-          The planning of the resources needed to perform the moving in optimal conditions: (technical equipment ex: size of the trucks etc, moving equipment ex: blankets, straps, dollies, devils,  tape etc , human resources ex: number of movers etc, packaging material ex: wardrobe boxes, boxes, bubble wrap, plastic wrap, etc);

-          Supervising and the application of the moving in a optimal manner;

-          Customer service prior, during and after the moving;

Commercial moving services in Montreal

We provide as well very competitive and qualitative commercial moving services, which include the following elements:

-          Strategic planning, supervising and the application of the date and timeframe of the moving;

-          Strategic planning, supervising and the application of the human resources needed ;

-          Strategic planning, supervising and the application of the technical equipment needed, like trucks or trailers;

-          Strategic planning, supervising and the application of moving related equipment, like the packaging material (boxes, special boxes,  packaging paper, wrapping material etc), cushioning material (bubble wrapping, blankets, boxes, special boxes and cardboards etc), fastening material (straps, belts, bands, tape etc) and transportation equipment (dollies, devils, chariots, special chariots, moving boards etc) ;

-          Strategic planning, supervising and the application of the moving in its complexity;

-          Strategic planning, supervising and the application of the customer service before, during and after the moving;

-          Strategic planning, supervising and the application of the taxes, expenses, prices, costs etc involved in the moving, planning and supervising and plan application processes.

It is to note that we provide special moving services with reference to the time frame and the special conditions.

-          Emergency or last minute  transportation services in Montreal: residential or commercial assembly, disassembly, deliveries, moving, planning, interior placing and moving,   etc;

-          Special transportation services: size of transportation objects, special time frame, multiple destinations, or multiple pickup places, special architecture of the pickup places, or destinations, special payment options etc;

-          VIP transportation services: penthouses, large cottages, public institutions ex : schools kindergartens, Government Offices  etc;

Our Montreal Moving Company Demenagement Montreal has the practical expert qualifications to perform the diverse transport services mentioned above. There are practical ways for the customers to get an informed decision on our experience and practical qualifications in local moving specific to Montreal area and surroundings. For information call by phone, e-mail, postal mail or come to our offices for more information, or visit our website. A great way to investigate on a company’s qualifications is to book our services for small deliveries prior to your planned moving, so that you could get a grip on our service expertise, on the quality of our services as well on the price policy and customer service. We would be more than happy to answer your call and give the appropriate directions for planning an efficient and economic move!